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Name: Oiseau
Race: Kyunru (Genet x Red-Tailed Hawk based)
Residence: Lives with Mize
Personality: Oiseau is... blunt. He rarely means ill with anything he says, he just says it. Honestly is the best policy is his personal belief. Be it nice, mean, or downright weird, he'll say it if he believes it. It's earned him enemies and friends, but he's no too worried about any of that. So long as he can be honest with himself he's happier. Seau rarely worries much about anything, merely stating things as he sees logic applies. Though he may not share someone's view of the situation it's rarely a problem. Afterall, he's open to other opinions. Just because he says it doesn't mean he thinks it's wrong. To each their own. Just keep your voice down, he does get cranky sometimes, notably when ignored or the volume of the room has been above indoor voices for more than a few minutes straight.

Likes: Saying what's on his mind, logic, and conversation. He actually adores debating things. Prefers when people are honest, even if it's more harsh.
Dislikes: Being ignored, loud noises, cold/windy weather, lying.

Stages: Adult

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