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Name: Lafayette
Race: Kyunru (Ghost Based)
Residence: Lives with Mize
Significant Other: Carmen (It's complicated, really it is.)
Personality: Lafayette is timid in nature. This is due to the fact he doesn't fit in anywhere really. No matter how kind the person beside him is, how understanding, he can't truly relate. He doesn't know the warmth of leaning against someone, the comfort it can bring. Nor does he understand much that the living do. Born never knowing these things HAS made him a bit awkward around what can be called 'the living.' Not that he doesn't have life, it's simply complicated. Part of his problem with people is due to the fact that... well he doesn't like being touched. At least not unless he's concentrating enough to be solid. This is do the the fact that, while ghosts seem cold to the living, it's like a sickness for him if they pass through him. His spirit is delicate as it is, mixing with another like that is about as close to illness as he'll ever know.

As well, he's afraid to allow people near his chain due to the fact that, as it's his life anchor holding him to both realms, it can be touched by people. While he can phase it through walls, it is also solid. Thus, people could yank it. As it is so important to his life, it can be a bit painful to do that. Like someone tugging on your heart. So he's always afraid someone(while not meaning to) will pull it and cause him pain. Afterall, the chimes are pretty and he's met more than one soul who wanted to bat at them. He's just a bit on the careful side. Which makes it hard to be truly friendly as he wishes to be.

Likes: Kind people, space, trying to imagine what life is like, Asp and Eza.
Dislikes: People being too close, being 'touched', crowds, being a ghost, going through thick things(he's afraid he'll get lost and never find his way out of the darkness.)

Special Notes:
# Natural abilities: Well, this certainly isn't a kyunru playing dress up. This poor guy is dead! Well.. ok, that's being a little dramatic. The truth of the matter is, he has such a high concentration of the "Spirit" type element in his blood that he was actually born a ghost. Go figure. Anyway, he has all of the abilities you might associate with a ghost. He can become invisible, float through objects, teleport short distances, etc. He does have a bit of trouble interacting with corporeal objects, but it's possible with some concentration. The ghost is also able to enter a person's dream while their sleeping, and interact with their subconscious mind. And in case you were wondering, yes, he is perfectly able to breed @w@
# Familiars: Stages: Adult

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