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Name: Hex
Race: Kyunru
Residence: Outside Mize's/Randomly in the Forest
Personality: Hex is... twisted. To say the least anyway. She was previously locked up to keep her from hurting others, but got loose. If anything that only made her more tweaked than she was previously.

Hex likes nothing more than to try and belittle, abuse, or even physically harm those around her. She's the type who would kill her own children out of spite of their very existence. A truly evil being through and through.

She doesn't like other living creatures, it's a mystery if she likes herself, and in general she believes the world is merely a play thing for her amusement. Which involves tormenting any living creature 'lucky' enough to meet her. Still, she is kept as bay due to the heavy chains she wears. These keep her from moving too quickly, silently, or even flying. The downside being that due to adjusting to such things, she's also somewhat strong because of them. Ah well, all good things come with a downside.

Likes: Control, fear, and chaos.
Dislikes: Being belittled, those that don't bow to her will, 'peaceful lives.'

Stages: Adult

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